What is a Media Strategy?

Every organization needs a media strategy. The good news is it doesn’t have to be complex. Every strategy has the same three parts, and you probably already have all of them — you just might not have thought of them in this way:

Owned media

Your organization’s website, brochures, menus and business cards, as well as any content that you create and share on social media. Ask: Is our brand message cohesive across the platforms that we control?

Earned media

Content about your organization created by others (like newspaper articles, word of mouth, or coverage in the evening news). Ask: What are we doing that is newsworthy, or will drive word of mouth on social media?

Paid media

Positions that you pay for in order to reach the audience you desire. Ask: What are our current and prospective customers reading, watching and listening to?

For many of our partners — especially those with customers outside of Little Village’s coverage area — earned and paid media positions in our publications are not part of their strategy. Our expertise in media helps them:

  • Tighten up their website and other owned materials
  • Plan events and identify business practices that will capture earned media
  • Find audiences that are relevant and design excellent messaging

If you represent an existing business or organization, you almost certainly already have some owned, some earned and some paid media out there in the world. LV/CS specializes in identifying key assets in each category, and helping you unify them into a cohesive strategy.

We love this stuff. If you want fresh eyes on your strategy, contact us today.